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Curriculum Vitae


Fundraising, Public Speaking, Self-Marketing, P.R.

Upstart is a new kind of funding platform. A cross between a loan and venture capital, it allows accredited investors to invest in true human capital. My alma mater, RISD, participated in the pilot program, and I was the first RISD student chosen to participate. I met with investors regularly, promoted myself online through video and was fully funded because of it.


of backers
offering mentorship

"I made an effort to talk about my beliefs first. It resonated with like-minded investors and businesses and they reached out to work with me. "

Upstart: Update

This is the most recent video I released. For it, I gathered the feedback of several investors and tailored it to their needs. I outlined a trajectory and encouraged investors to invest in it. I also put my work front and center to leverage the visual nature of what I do.

Upstart: Original

At the time of this first video, my vision was very broad. I realized that a broad vision can be hard to invest in but I had to start the campaign immediately. So, instead of a plan, I shared my experience, beliefs and world view. Through visual motifs, I tried to capture my demeanor as a personality and manipulate the emotions of viewers.

Gaining investment

Investment is social, like anything else. To gain investment, I gave several talks, and rubbed elbows with potential investors. I organized money matches and leveraged investor peer pressure to gain thousands more in investment.

Investors Acquired from this talk.